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Chill Reflexology
The Classic 60 minutes  IDR302,000
Transform your day with a relaxing combination of reflexology and acupressure. This Classic Chill treatment concentrates on the feet and ankles where tension and fatigue are often stored and finishes with the neck and shoulders to give your whole body a powerful sense of well being.
Chill Out 60 minutes  IDR302,000
Lay down and chill out for an hour and experience a deeply relaxing full body pressure point massage. By concentrating on stimulating and clearing the energy pathways in the body, this revitalizing treatment will leave you feeling totally chilled out!
The Ultimate Chill 90 minutes  IDR350,000
The Ultimate Chill treatment combines reflexology and acupressure to ease your body and mind of stress and tension. Concentrating on the feet, ankles, neck and shoulders our trained and skilled therapists will relieve built up pressures helping to make you feel more balanced for the rest of the day.
Holistic Chill 90 minutes  IDR350,000
Relax and enjoy the benefits of this hour and a half deeply therapeutic full body treatment. An extension of our Chill Out, this treatment concentrates intensely on specific reflex and acupressure points of the body to prevent and alleviate symptoms such as headaches, migraines and poor blood circulation. These are often symptoms of jet lag which makes Holistic Chill the perfect choice before or after a flight!
The Therapy 120 minutes  IDR459,000
Our highly trained Reflexologists will pamper you with our 2 hour traditional eastern reflexology treatment combined with the therapeutic acupressure. Relax while you feel tension melt away and enjoy the benefits of this amazing treatment with improved energy, promoting healing, and make you feel at peace.

* All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah and inclusive of 27% government tax and service charges, effective from 1 March 2024.

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